A InfoTech is one of the reputed outsourced QA testing vendors with years of expertise helping clients across the globe. QA InfoTech has grown leaps and bounds with three QA Centres of Excellence globally, two of which are located in the hub of IT activity in India, Noida and the other affiliate QA InfoTech Inc., in Michigan, USA. For their Noida Office they choose Arttractive Studios for their 3rd Floor Makeover From Consultation to complete implementation of designs was done by Arttractive Studios.

  • Corridor and Reception Concept design.

  • Workstation & Cabin Design and execution.

  • Colour and Shapes Consultation.

  • Graffiti .

Idea Behind our work

The designing and implementation of all the design was based on the isometric angle shapes and line because through isometric we want to show how deeply they go for precise work testing. Our main task was to do the makeover of 4th floor of the building and includes workstation area, Hallway, lounge are and Cabins. Our main task was to create a environment that would put emphasis on team work and their excellence services. Isometric Shape –As any problem will be solved by analyzing it in a multidimensional platform for more sustainable, logical solutions. Hence the used of isometric illustrations. .

Patterns –

By using polygons, we wanted to represent the multi faceted nature of coding and problem solving.

Iconography –

The visual images and symbols used in the work of art, study or interpretation of the working process of QA. Using Icons that are being flooded on the wide web and customizing it for a better understanding to the lay man in a simple pictorial manner the processes undertaken by the company.

  • Avoid outdoor use and prolonged exposure to direct sunlight and moisture to prevent fading.

  • We worked on the hallway area, the main concept was to create Isometric 3 dimensional design of the services they provide and how are they are best in the industry.

  • Periodic professional cleaning is recommended.Glass film concepts was designed for all the cabins on the floor, our core concept for the area was to design a customised glass design that read out word when seen from entrance. The design was done using different technique and materials.

  • Wall Graffiti was done in the working station using shapes, icon and text that has a concept to how their company works for client and how they coordinate internally to boost up Employees and client energy Inspirational quotation sticker was pasted on various and pillar on topic team work, inspiration, hard work etc.