Glamazon Unisex Salon & Makeup studio is dedicated to providing a memorable experience for each guest through exceptional service and technical excellence From Consultation to complete implementation of designs of the shop was done by Arttractive Studios.

  • Wall Graffiti (Concept + Execution).

  • Furniture Consultation.

  • Colour consultation and Theme concept for Entire Shop.

  • Paper collage (Concept + Execution ).

Idea Behind our work

Client requirement was to design a salon that is attractive as well as every corner of the shop should be customized and unique

  • Colourful and extraordinary concept of furniture and wall graffiti was done to ensure that every customer gets the best salon experience.

  • Wall graffiti was done keeping in mind that the salon is unisex and the artwork should tell why you need a salon to look dynamic.

  • Furniture was designed from scratch and given the look of the neatness and cleanness that was the motto of the glamazon.

  • A wall paper collage as made using old fashion magazine and cut-out to keep the visitor busy and excited .

  • Mirror was designed from scratch to ensure that you don't feel low when you in front of it.

  • Consultation of colour, lights, ceiling designed keeping in mind the theme of the salon.